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Water Budgets

Every water customer has been assigned a water budget based on the individualized water needs of their home and landscape. This portal is designed to help customers understand their unique water budget and find the programs that can help them be more water efficient. Use the log in on the upper right of the page to see your unique information or just browse the site for more details.

Temporary Drought Reductions

In light of improvements in drought conditions, Western has lifted the water budget reductions that were previously in place.   For bills going out after July 1, 2016, customers will receive 100% of their Outdoor Budgets.  Western customers have done a great job of cutting back since the reductions began, but if you need a little help, please take advantage of the programs and rebates listed below. 

Please click HERE to see Western's Water Shortage Contingency Plan and other drought specific restrictions recently implemented by Western.

Customer Support Programs

Wise water use is a partnership between Western and you, our customer. Using water efficiently is the best thing you can do to control your water bill.  Check out the following programs to see how we can help you.

Water Use Efficiency Evaluations

Drowning in your landscape?  Let us help you by sending out an irrigation expert to your site.

Gardening Workshops for Customers

Join us the second Saturday of the month at 11 a.m. to hear the latest topics in gardening at Western's conservation garden, Landscapes Southern California StyleSM. No workshops are held the months of December, July, or August.

Check out the Gardening Workshop Schedule for more information.

Sprinkler Nozzles

High-efficiency nozzles reduce the potential for water waste and run off.  There are two ways to get these nozzles.


Thinking of purchasing a new water-using fixture or appliance? See what models qualify by clicking the web link below.

Residential Rebates

  • High-efficiency toilets -- $40
  • Weather-based irrigation controllers -- $80
  • High-efficiency clothes washers -- $85